Kathy Griffin


Looking good when you’re in front of 1,500-plus people is no laughing matter.This is precisely why award-winning funny lady Kathy Griffin chose Patrice Vinci Salon to get her ready for her performance at the Shubert Theatre in Boston.

   Photo Courtesy of Nestor Cruz

Photo Courtesy of Nestor Cruz

On June 21, Nestor and Kiesha of the PVS team styled her fiery red hair and applied her on-point makeup to perfection, before the comedian took to the stage as part of her Laugh Your Head Off World Tour. This was an amazing experience for PVS, one that certainly has kept us smiling.

   Photo Courtesy of Kiesha Galloway

Photo Courtesy of Kiesha Galloway

Sun Care for Hair!


The temps go up and so do the number of ways you can wreck your hair in the summer. Dry A/C (hi, brittle ends), high humidity (frizz, we’re talking to you), scorching sun (hello, faded out color) – all these lazy hazy day elements can leave your locks feelin unloved. Say you’re sorry with a few steps from the team at Patrice Vinci and survive the summer months with gorgeous hair.


  • The hot sun is super drying, but you can restore moisture with a rinse-out conditioner. Since washing every day is a no-no, instead add a new ritual to your daily shower. Rinse hair in warm water then lather on conditioner for two minutes before rinsing.


  • If you must wash your hair every day, shampoo your scalp only, not the hair. Washing away sweat, pollen, and dirt on the scalp can reinvigorate it while still leaving the natural oils on your hair.


  • If you have a pool trip planned, don’t shampoo before you go for that dip. The oils you’re washing away are great protectors against pool chemicals and ocean salt. Instead, go one step (or lap) further and lather on a leave-in conditioner before your swim. Once you’re out of the pool, suds up with a gentle shampoo to remove harmful chemicals.


  • We’ve all seen it happen. Good color gone bad after too much sun time. If you’ve recently colored your hair, avoid going out in the sun’s peak hours. Don a fashionable scarf for a Grace Kelly vibe that also prevents fading or try a leave-in conditioner with SPF. One of our favorites is René Furterer’s Sun Ritual. The entire line shields hair from UV damage and promotes repair after exposure to sunlight, salt and chlorine with sesame oil and a proprietary Keratin Protection Factor (KPF). The after-sun products hydrate and nourish the hair with Jojoba wax and powerful plant-based ingredients.



Who doesn't love a fashion show?

The stylist team at Patrice Vinci glammed up some gorgeous models for a fantastic runway show at The Ink Block last Thursday, April 19. Set among the industrial chic decor of Boston's hottest new apartment building, the evening's cat walk showcased dozens of stunning fashions from Revolve Boutiques. Think Chanel, Balenciaga, Hermès, All Saints.


These and many more high-end designer pieces stormed the runway after hair and makeup was done to perfection backstage by stylists Patrice, Nestor, Amy, Kiesha, Avi and Jordainia. A huge thank you to Lauren and Lisa at Revolve for having us! 


Chappaquiddick's Boiler Room Girls!


This past weekend’s buzz among Boston movie lovers and history buffs was definitely the release of Chappaquiddick. Anything with a Kennedy is a hot local topic and the highly anticipated movie depicts Senator Ted Kennedy’s involvement in the car accident that claimed campaign strategist Mary Jo Kopechne’s life.

Our Patrice Vinci had a front row seat (her salon chair) before the first ticket was even sold. She served as the colorist for the film’s “Boiler Room” girls, the women who worked in Kennedy's 1968 presidential campaign office. Her expert touch made actresses Gillian Mariner Gordon, Lexie Roth, Angela Hope Smith, and Katie Henoch look the parts.

The day before shooting, Patrice and her expert team met with the film’s director to discuss the plan – specific direction about the look and shades of the hair color in terms of real-life characters and era styles. With instruction and images in hand, Patrice took these lovely modern ladies back in time to the ‘60s for their film debut. 


PVS Tapped to get NBC Stars Ready!

nbc upfronts 2018.jpg

Not even a foot of snow can stop the PVS team from styling the stars.

On March 7, Patrice Vinci and her stylists braved yet another winter storm and headed to New York City for the annual NBC mid-season press junket at the Four Seasons Hotel. Talent from such exciting shows as Rise, This is Us and Chicago Med were styled to Red Carpet glam by the team, along with some skilled men’s grooming. Celebrity makeup artist Patricia Longo finished the celebrity looks to perfection.

PVS is certainly no stranger to gussying up your favorite stars. The team is a staple at all of NBC’s Upfronts in NYC, an event that gathers networks to preview upcoming seasons. So when Patrice was asked back mid-season to get the network’s major players ready for their press meet-ups, you might say it was snow problem.


“Oribe on the Road” Comes to Boston!


When there’s a chance to learn from the masters, the team at Patrice Vinci Salon jumps on it. On March 5, our PVS superstars Kiesha Galloway, Avi Elkerman, Dean Mellen and Nestor Cruz did just that. The team attended “Oribe on the Road” at the iconic State Room in Boston.

High above the city streets with breathtaking harbor views, this was an intimate evening of curriculum developed and taught by the Oribe team.

Their experts specially curated styles for the afternoon event sure to take the PVS team to the next level. Among the techniques were The Inner Layer, which creates the illusion of seamless layers, and the Modern Shag, Oribe’s interpretation that utilizes a razor to create movement, effortless layers and look-at-me bangs.

Buzzing through the room was also the excitement of the recent strategic alliance between Oribe and Goldwell color, as Oribe joins the Kao Salon Division. The event introduced the new education team, along with hints at a few new products in the works (think makeup and lipsticks).

We’re super excited to show you what we’ve learned, and to celebrate this new powerhouse partnership of color and cut.


WELLA Artist Josh DeMarco Visits Patrice Vinci Salon!


Showing our staff a little love just before Valentine’s Day, the salon hosted a fun learning opportunity that inspired everyone for their spring and summer styles and cuts.

On February 12, we hosted Wella Artist Josh Demarco up from Philly (@hairdemarco) to teach a cutting class at the salon. First up, a demo of a chic and classic bob, followed by a more modern and sassy layered hair cut.

Josh was a first-time trainer at PVS, but he frequently travels with Wella teaching haircutting and styling. His know-how speaks for itself, with valedictorian grad status from the Aveda Institute and certification in multiple advanced cutting and color courses, including Wella’s Cut Craft. He was also a 2016 winner of WELLA’s Regional Trend Vision Awards.

Our salon staff members who attended had a blast. One thing’s for certain – Demarco left his mark.

No Flake Zone!

The relationship between winter weather and your hair can sometimes leave you scratching your head in confusion. You’ve never had dandruff before, so why is the ground all of a sudden not the only place with flakes?

Whether itchy scalp has been a long-time foe or a more recent development, there’s a new flake-fighting trio of products available at Patrice Vinci Salon that can right this seasonal wrong!

oribeserenescalp (1 of 1).jpg

Introducing the Serene Scalp Collection by Oribe. With a limited time availability, this hat trick of treatments helps both tresses and scalps with a little extra TLC. Oribe’s Signature Complex (watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts) defends hair from oxidative stress, photoaging, and natural keratin deterioration while protecting from the drying effects of the elements. Bonus: All products boast energizing caffeine for an extra pick-me-up! Coffee for your hair? Yes, please!


Now you can gently care for your hair and soothe that itchy scalp.

Welcome to the No Flake Zone!

Serene Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: This gentle treatment cleanser is formulated with salicylic acid to gently exfoliate away the rough stuff. Then the sweet stuff gets to work - bilberry fruit and sugar maple extracts soothe and protect while sugarcane extract deeply hydrates and nourishes. Moisture levels are balanced with orange and lemon extracts, while pea sprout extract restores elasticity to strengthen hair and prevent breakage.



Serene Scalp Balancing Conditioner: A creamy indulgence, this ultra-nourishing formula quenches parched strands and unwinds tangles, revealing softer silkier hair. Acacia tree extract nourishes and soothes scalp while improving the moisture content of hair. Shea butter and Panthenol deeply hydrate and condition while revitalizing damaged and brittle hair. Biotin and quinoa strengthen the cuticle from the inside out and help prevent breakage. Hydrogenated olive oil provides sheer shine while keeping your hair weightless!

Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment: Need relief from an itchy scalp right now? This lightweight and fast-absorbing, leave-on treatment boasts beta hydroxy acid to exfoliate loose dandruff flakes, while peppermint, cucumber, chamomile and rosemary calm your stressed scalp. Sugarcane extract and mullein flower deeply hydrate and nourish scalp and hair, while a blend of willowherb and aloe nourish your sensitive scalp.

p_550x550 (2).jpg