Sun Care for Hair!


The temps go up and so do the number of ways you can wreck your hair in the summer. Dry A/C (hi, brittle ends), high humidity (frizz, we’re talking to you), scorching sun (hello, faded out color) – all these lazy hazy day elements can leave your locks feelin unloved. Say you’re sorry with a few steps from the team at Patrice Vinci and survive the summer months with gorgeous hair.


  • The hot sun is super drying, but you can restore moisture with a rinse-out conditioner. Since washing every day is a no-no, instead add a new ritual to your daily shower. Rinse hair in warm water then lather on conditioner for two minutes before rinsing.


  • If you must wash your hair every day, shampoo your scalp only, not the hair. Washing away sweat, pollen, and dirt on the scalp can reinvigorate it while still leaving the natural oils on your hair.


  • If you have a pool trip planned, don’t shampoo before you go for that dip. The oils you’re washing away are great protectors against pool chemicals and ocean salt. Instead, go one step (or lap) further and lather on a leave-in conditioner before your swim. Once you’re out of the pool, suds up with a gentle shampoo to remove harmful chemicals.


  • We’ve all seen it happen. Good color gone bad after too much sun time. If you’ve recently colored your hair, avoid going out in the sun’s peak hours. Don a fashionable scarf for a Grace Kelly vibe that also prevents fading or try a leave-in conditioner with SPF. One of our favorites is René Furterer’s Sun Ritual. The entire line shields hair from UV damage and promotes repair after exposure to sunlight, salt and chlorine with sesame oil and a proprietary Keratin Protection Factor (KPF). The after-sun products hydrate and nourish the hair with Jojoba wax and powerful plant-based ingredients.