Why We Love Balayage!

Balayage, a French term that means to paint or sweep, is a hair painting technique that, in the last decade, has become popular as women began to notice it's natural look on Hollywood celebrities and the runway.

The technique quickly became available in salons from Newbury Street to Rodeo Drive. But balayage requires a trained stylist, carefully using a swooping motion, to apply bleach on select strands of hair to create a natural look.

Balayage by Patrice Vinci

Personally, I love doing balayage!  I love the creative process. Like a painter,  you are using concentration and vision, along with technique, to achieve the finished look. With each swipe of the brush, I'm creating your vision. No matter how many times I've done it, no two women have ever had the same look. 

Blonde Balayage by Patrice Vinci

Clients often ask me, “Should I do foils or balayage?”  The truth is  thatfoils are great too! The difference is that balayage is done only with bleach. If a clients wants lowlights, I would actually suggest foils since they can be done with both color and bleach. It all depends on the desired end result and, most importantly, the color you are starting with.

Brunette Balayage by Patrice Vinci


  • I highly recommend bringing a photo to your stylist of the look you want to achieve as well as photos of what you don't like. This will give your stylist a clearer picture of what you are looking for.
  • Choose a stylist who's trained in balayage, someone with the vision of the placement and the pressure and motion of the brush when painting it on it has to be even or you get weak spots!
  • If you are going to get a trim on the day you want balayage, get your hair cut first! A professional stylist should ask you that, but you don't want your stylist to spend hours painting your hair and working to blend the color correctly just to chop it all off!
  •  Finally, leave it to your stylist to decide whether to do balayage or foils. He/she will know what's best for your specific needs and hair type.  The price point for both foils and balayage is pretty much the same (although it varies from stylist to stylist) so there is no reason to let budget make the decision for you!

Once you try balayage, I know you'll be hooked!

Until next time,

Patrice Vinci